At Niche Labs, since 2012 our team has been dedicated with helping everyday working women become entrepreneurs, pursue online business ventures in multiple niche markets by teaching, mentoring, and coaching. We provide free resources, blogs and information to help women begin their business journey and learn the tricks and tips in being successful in any niche they pursue.

Back in 2011, I began my journey and setup a mobile apps studio where I create apps and games for multiple niche markets. Those were great times as I began to grow my brand and established my gaming studio within a few months by building an app empire of over 300+ apps and 15M downloaded app users. It was during app business days, where I was approached by so many women seeking online business opportunities. Most of them were working mothers who wanted to work remotely and desired to put their passions into creating apps, online businesses and other “work from home” ventures. Thus, I began helping over 200+ women start their own niche app businesses. We would skype or google hangout every week and I would coach them on how to start and grow a successful and profitable online business.

Today in 2017, while the app stores have changed and the app industry has grown beyond our expectations, one thing has remained constant, women’s desire to start their own online business. There is a real need within the industry, and many continue to ask me to help them in their efforts to journey into owning and managing their own business empires. This is why I compiled over 100 articles (and keep adding to them) on what women can do to start their own companies and help them succeed in their ventures.

Whether you are looking to begin an online business in e-commerce, create an app business, establish a local or online enterprise, setup an online fitness business, design a new coaching program or find methods and ways to work remotely, we have multiple resources to help you gain clients, establish your brand, and help you grow.

Take a tour into our library of blogs over 100 articles to learn more on what you can do, then connect with us on social networks and let’s help each other become the best women-owned businesses we were born to create.


Glory @Team Niche 🙂 ♥